Sunday, September 13, 2009

Music - Last Week

The blog has become more of a diary to document what you like and its a creative medium to share what you liked.I was listening to a few songs repeatedly [தேய்க்கிறது,as we call it..well,it means listening to the same song again and again,till one of the bits of the digital information gets corrupt :) ] last week and am listing them down.

I was trying to derive a common thread that will define my listening pattern,but there has been none.I would be happy if someone reading this gets hit by the famous "Ahh...I also love this track !!" feeling and derive an instant urge to listen to any of these songs.

Over to the songs (And twitter style notes on each of them)...

1) Vaaranam Aayiram 2008 - Oh Anbe BGM
"When I see the love light in her eye,then the darkness fades" - Intensely romantic.

2) Satya 1998 - Baadalon se
This song is just seductive.The male voice is magical...Its Bhupinder Singh's (Just Googled it).Hindi poetry don't make much of a sense to me because of the lack of the mastery of the language,but still this song conveys the sense with its music and Bhupinder's voice.

3) A Beautiful Mind 2001 - A Kaleidoscope of mathematics BGM
"Now,who among you will be the next Morse,the next Einstein...who among you will be the vanguard of democracy,freedom and discovery? Today we bequeath America's future into your able hands. Welcome to Princeton, gentlemen. ".
Princeton University,John Nash,Game theory and what not - this BGM carries everything with it...

4) Happy days 2007 - Oh My friend
This movie as well as its' music gets very special as it connects me to the BH-1 and BH-2 corridors[BITS-Goa Hostels].And My balcony mate is from AP ... :)

5) Panneer Pushpangal 1981 - Kodaikaala kaatre
Sweet tamil song of the golden 80s.Panneer Pushpangal is a beautiful high school romance and this song has awesome lyrics...

6) Mughal e Azam 1960 - Pyar kiya to darna kiya
Watch Madhubala dance to this tune at youtube and this song adds one more fan to its list.This song has really stood the test of the time and this movie also for that matter.

7) Chudalani vundi 1998 - Yamahanagari
Bengal - the Mecca of arts and culture...This song just glorifies Bengal and Calcutta.Tagore,Satyajit Ray,Mother Teresa,Kali, Chowringhee...It speaks of everything.Wonderful music and Vamsi used to describe Chiranjeevi's dancing mastery to me when we were in the second year of college,quoting this song also as an example.

That's all..Comments please !!!

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  1. Though the song mentioned does give an insight about chiranjeevi's mastry over dance it is more known for its music score.

    and finally..Vamsi finds a place in two blogs over the last 1 week... :)