Sunday, September 20, 2009

Music - Last week (2)

Yeah...I am gonna make this, a series like thing.
We listen to lots of songs and a variety of musical scores over a period of time...But when you sit down and give it a thought for 2 minutes, some scores flash across ... Right ?? ...

So, I thought of tracking my Listening pattern and introduce or recall some beautiful music and wonderful songs, using this space.

Here goes the list and kutty notes on each of them ...

1) Pemmanae - Aayirathil Oruvan (2009)
Two (or three rather) songs of this movie recalled the tamil grammar and the Sangam poetry, I did in my school. Spellbound by Vairamuthu's lyrics and this musical score is going to be "the break" for GVPrakash.

This song has that "haunting" score and Bombay Jayashree's voice to convey the agony of the protagonists ... No words to desribe that experience ... Very disturbing ...

2) Thaai thindra mannae - Aayirathil Oruvan (2009)
கலம்பகம், உலா, ஈறுகெட்ட எதிர்மறைப்பெயரெச்சம் - all this in a tamil film song - wow !!! Excellent choice of words and I spent some half an hour to decipher, what the song conveys.

சங்கத்தமிழில் முங்கி முத்தெடுக்கும் அனுபவம் அது ... Just listen to it

There are two versions of the song... The Cholan ecstasy and the classic version -
ஈழத்தின் அவலத்தை சிந்தையில் நிறுத்தி கண்ணீர்க்காவியமாய் பாடல்களை வடித்தெடுத்திருக்கிறார் வைரமுத்து ...

Nithyashree Mahadevan's renditions in the Cholan ecstasy version is also simply marvellous..

There should be 'n' reasons for why one (a tamilian, obviously) will be liking this song ...

3) Ippavae Ippavae & Nanba Nanba - Raman Thediya Seethai (2008)
The first one is romantic and the second one is motivational. No reasons absolutely !!! Just liked them as I listened to them, the first time.

4) Vaazhum Varai poraadu - Paadum Vaanampaadi
Yes.. This movie is a remake of "Disco Dancer" (which launched Mithun Chakraborthy to bollywood and was a great blockbuster and its tracks were instant chartbusters) but the tamil version starring Anandbabu bombed badly at the boxoffice.

But this song is a very good one.
Motivational, confidence stuff etc.

SPB's voice period.

5) Megh Peon - Titli (2002)
This is Bengali and hence its lyrics were incomprehensible.
But listen to this beautiful music here and I guarantee for no regrets.

6) Melissa OST - Bilitis (1977)
This is a BGM track and I found some similarities of this tune to Ilayaraja's BGM score for Mouna Raagam.(Might be wrong) - Great music.

7) Rangeela re - Rangeela (1995)
Well...This needs no introduction. Rangeela launched ARRahman and Urmila Matondkar [ :) ] to Bollywood, though they were theoretically present in the field previously also.

Everybody knows this musical piece and there's no point writing pages on it ...

That's all folks ...

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