Friday, September 11, 2009

Anthony Hopkins,Ventriloquism - Scared ??

Magic (1978) - Film Review


Starring: Anthony Hopkins & Ann-Margaret
Directed by: Richard Attenborough

When I first watched "Avargal" (A tamil film starring Kamalhaasan and Rajinikanth),one of the most important aspects that captivated me is the ventriloquist-dummy of Kamalhaasan.I had a natural inclination for cinema exploring this complex psychological phenomena,Ventriloquism.And "Magic" is one of the rare films that deal with this and will definitely leave you with a horrified psychological experience.

Corky (Hopkins) is a amateur magician performing card-tricks.He is a failure as a magician until he gets the audience's attention with his dummy (Fats - Corky's ventriloquist dummy).He is about to turn pro of some kind but develops a psychological complex and intentionally shy away from his professional success.The story gets personal from here on - he meets his childhood sweetheart Peggy (Ann-Margaret),gets more involved with his dummy that eventually takes control of him - will form the rest of the plot.

There is Ventriloquism,there is Multiple Personality Disorder ... All these are explored in a lot of movies.Fundamentally,they are the same and they only differ in the way it is expressed by the patient(or the victim).Any discussions and debates are welcome in the comments section ... OPEN :)

There's absolutely no cats or crows or ghosts to horrify oneself in this movie.Its the mental trauma of the protagonist and a gripping music that will create a eerie shell around and will develop a mental disturbance in you.The film has to comfortably rest on the performance of the lead actor and Hopkin's performance and facial expressions are greatly appropriate.Ofcourse, we know him through his more popular later films,as Hannibal Lecter.

The film is technically great - Camerawork,Music,Editing - Brand Attenborough throughout.

So...Why Pick up the DVD?
Richard Attenborough - We know him for his biopics and historical films.Watch him direct a thriller.
Anthony Hopkins - Deserves atleast a Academy award nomination and this one is greatly under-rated at the imdb also.He horrifies us and himself as well.Top Notch...
And then there's Ann-Margaret - As gorgeous as ever :)

Rating: 3.5/5

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