Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nostalghia - Retro Images

Just for the sake of a revision of our entertainment evolution ...
Probably a pointless post to flaunt my Image collection and Memory ..

Pictures with tweety notes ... Recall and have fun ...

"I am a Complan boy ... I am a Complan girl" - Classic Complan ad. Hats off for anybody who will identify these two little stars who later became Bollywood actors. [Answer at the end]

Madhubala on Stamps.
Madhubala personified an Innocent beauty and won millions of hearts with her smiles.

Mandakini on Filmfare cover.
Raj Kapoor's 1985 movie, Ram Teri Ganga Maili which has acquired a cult status now, got famous for this bath sequence and carved an instant celebrity status for Mandakini.

Ramayan telecast in Doordarshan (1987)
After the Sagars discovered Arun Govil's beautific smile and the power of televisual religion, Sunday mornings were never the same again. Nor was India, with Sagar's miracle-a-minute amalgam of 14 different versions of Valmiki's epic, keeping pace with an aggressive and unapologetic Hindutva that swept the nation. [Excerpt from India Today]

 Sharmila Tagore on a Lux Print Ad.
Yes, I am Sharmila fetish ..  like millions of Indians. From Ray's Apur Sansar to the jury at the Cannes ... Her's is an Illustrious ride.

 Milind Soman in Captain Vyom.
My schoolpals liked Shaktimaan and I liked Captain Vyom. I Used to travel to my friend's home to admire his Sci-Fi gimmicks every sunday .. I guess the time slot is 10:30 AM.

 Malgudi Days
Timeless, Classic ... RKNarayan, Period.

Mukesh Khanna in Shaktimaan .
Parle-G's Business strategy was one of the best this country has ever seen. Shaktimaan stickers with the Rs.3/- Parle-G packs was a business blockbuster, then.
Children reportedly jumped off from the terrace expecting a saviour in Shaktimaan.

Madhuri Dixit on Illustrated Weekly cover. 
Madhuri was the Indian face of beauty before Aishwarya Rai took the honour. Madhuri was so famous in Pakistan that there was once a poster in Lahore stadium declaring, “Madhuri de do, Kashmir le lo (Give us Madhuri, take Kashmir)”.

Durga of Pather Panchaali.
Ray's Apu Trilogy completes 50 years in November, 2009. Durga was my favourite character in "Pather Panchaali" outscoring the title boy Apu.

Complan Kids: Shahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia.

So, How was it ?


  1. totally enjoyed this post, nostalgia unlimited - I totally remember the shaktimaan parle G (obviously I dint try jumping from the terrace :D) and I loved the madhuri photo, I dont think anyone can replace her (even Aishwarya) and she proved it again in Aaja Nachle ! am tempted to write a comment for every image but I guess that would become a post (romba pesaren naan !)

  2. I have to mention Ramayan. naan ramayan parthunde dhan sapduvenu adam pidipen, later it was Mahabharat ! I have really fond memories of watching the re-run lying on paati's lap.

  3. Yeah Soumya .. actually after Ramayan, Chandrakantha was very famous .. The characters and their traits were still afresh .. Kroor Singh, Thaara etc ...

    And Thanks for the comment ...

  4. Hi...
    First of all let me tell you, that I enjoyed this post.
    I came here following a Google Search on Captain VYom, to revitalise my memory, as I used to be a big fan of this, Milind Soman's sci-fi.
    I was wondering if by any chance, you have the episodes of this series. I wish to collect those for my personal collection. I wish you could help.

  5. i like this post too... n just like vneet i reached here here following captain vyom on google.... and i have the same request too.... if any can post the videos or even the link to those videos would be very helpful...